You will need
  • Computer;
  • Microsoft Word.
Due to the widespread proliferation of computers, modern abstracts, as a rule, are issued in printed form on a sheetof A4 Oh. But if you write your work by hand, be sure to make sure that all lines of the title sheetand your essay was smooth and easily readable. Use the plastic stencils with letters, which are sold in any stationery store. They will help you get a beautiful, smooth font.
Keep in mind that the content and order of information on the title sheete made in accordance with the adopted standards. At the top of the page, strictly in the middle, write the name of the Department or Agency to which your school. If you don't know his exact title, ask the teacher.
Then back on a few empty lines and approximately in the middle of the sheetand in the center of capital letters (Caps Lock key on the computer) write the name of their work. Please note that the name is written without quotation marks and without the word "abstract". If you print the title sheet on the computer, the name should be written in 16 font, and all other information 14.
Under the title of the work also in the middle of the page, write the phrase: "the Essay on the subject..." and enter the name of the discipline. Now back off for a few empty rows and right sides (in a text editor, the option "align right") write: "Prepared by: student of a certain class, school №__". If the abstract collective, that is prepared by a group of students of one class, list the names of all the participants. Below you can print a blank line for the evaluation and signatures of teachers.
In the bottom of the page, in the center of the sheetand write the name of your city. Underneath the line below the year of writing. To make the title sheet is more expressive and accurate, add a frame to the page. To do this in Word, click File - page setup - paper Source - Border – Frame. This opens a window where you can choose the type and thickness of the border. Select the appropriate options and save the text.