The design of the essay, as well as any document that is subject to the standard.

The volume of written work can be from 5 to 40 pages, but on average 10 to 25 pages. If you use Word, choose a sheet of A4, margins: 30 mm left, 10 mm right 20 mm, top and bottom.
Font – Times New Roman, 12 to 14 points, 16 for headings line spacing.
One-sided printing.

Margins, headers and paragraphs on the average should be three intervals.

All chapters and major sections begin on a new page.

Continuous numbering or page, the title page is considered, but is not numbered.
It is recommended to adhere to the standard structure of the essay.
Title page.

At the top of the page is the full name of the educational institution.

In the center is written with its subject, without the quotes, then type of work ("Referat"), and on what subject.

Below right shift – data student (name, class), then the data Manager, consultant (name, position). At the bottom indicated the city and under it the year without the letter "g".
The table of contents. Here lists all sections and subsections and the number of relevant pages.
The introduction usually takes no more than two pages, and reflects the purpose of work and actuality of the illuminated subject.
The main part is 12-15 pages, at the discretion of the author. And contains the volumetric calculations on the collected in the framework of this question the material, its synthesis, personal reasoning of the author and preliminary findings.
The headings of chapters and paragraphs are numbered, but the words "Chapter" and "paragraph" are not written.

If you have a table, they should be numbered and arranged sequentially in the text. Top right is written "table" and the room name is placed below the table.

The same applies to diagrams and drawings.
Graphic material should file a separate application after the list of references.

Links to works by different authors are welcome.

Footnotes can be paged or end, but all the same.
The conclusion should be concise (1-2 pages), which follows logically from the above arguments and reasoning, and to contain the final conclusions and concepts.
The list of references. Sources indicate in order of importance and credibility. It is desirable that it was a modern works, at least - the ancient, has not lost its significance.