Making a title page, remember that he is quite a independent page numbering is not. Top and bottom margins of the page are clearly defined and padding from the edges are equal 3 see Start making with the instructions at the top of the sheet (always in the middle) the full name of your school. Then specify the faculty and the Department. This text must be highlighted in capital font.
After you have written all of the original information for your educational institution, go to the writing topics. The main rule that must be observed for this item from title cover sheet where you entered the UNIVERSITY, to the actual topic of work should be indented equal to 8 see This line of the summary is not quoted and not ahead of the word "theme". Before specifying the name you want to place the information that is abstract. Then necessarily need to specify on what subject. For example, in physics. That is, it will look as follows: "the Essay on visitability". In this way is formed the so-called secondary field of the abstract.
Then go to the design field "who owns the work". To do this, set the mode field to the right and enter the following information. First of all your degrees (apprentice, student, graduate, PhD, etc.), then enter your name and initials first name and patronymic. Then you need to write about who checked your work or is your supervisor. Here also are specified first regalia (associate Professor, senior lecturer etc.), then surname and initials of the teacher.
In the lower field near the bottom of the sheet (don't forget about 3 cm indent from the edge of the page!), stamped the city and a comma, and the year was completed this work. Only it is not necessary to write the numbers after the word "year" - according to GOST it is not provided.
The entire cover sheet shall be in the format Times New Roman font. And its size usually ranges from 12 to 14 size.