Advice 1: How to make a essay in school

Schooling involves a variety of methods of fixing and checking of the material covered, including tests, oral responses, practical exercises, laboratory work, and also an integral part of the school curriculum are abstracts. Essay is a written presentation of the material on a specific topic using multiple sources. In order to properly arrange it, need to know the basic entry rules set by the Ministry of education.
How to make a essay in school
Title page. Be sure to specify top higher educational organization and the name of Your school.
How to make a essay in school
In the middle of the page should be written the word "ABSTRACT" and under it its theme. Right below that is written the surname and initials of the student who produced the work and the teacher checked it, and at the very bottom in the middle is the name of Your city and the current year.
The text of the abstract. The most important - is the observance of the margins of the pages (left 35 mm, right 10 mm, top and bottom - 20 mm), line spacing (single) and font (Times New Roman 14 size). Don't start new paragraphs on a new page, it's best that they go to each other without interruptions.
In addition, do not highlight the titles of the paragraphs in capital letters, as they should be written in the usual way. At the end of the header, never put a dot.
The meaning and insights. We need to allocate the basic concepts of bold, italics, or underlining for easy perception of the text. The conclusions drawn at the end of each paragraph is a General paragraph which should begin with "Therefore..", "Summarizing what has been said...", "That is to say that...", "Summarizing, it should be noted that...", "so we came to the conclusion that...".
How to make a essay in school

Advice 2 : How to make a right essay

Abstract – a short report reflecting and summarizing the different views of authors on a given subject. Its purpose is to demonstrate students ' knowledge on the matter, the skills of analysis and integration of information produced. Also welcome detailed reasoning, accuracy, brevity and clarity. It is better to use several different sources for independent data collection and research, but at least four. Besides the characteristics of the substance of the work, there are some requirements to its design.
writing an essay
The design of the essay, as well as any document that is subject to the standard.

The volume of written work can be from 5 to 40 pages, but on average 10 to 25 pages. If you use Word, choose a sheet of A4, margins: 30 mm left, 10 mm right 20 mm, top and bottom.
Font – Times New Roman, 12 to 14 points, 16 for headings line spacing.
One-sided printing.

Margins, headers and paragraphs on the average should be three intervals.

All chapters and major sections begin on a new page.

Continuous numbering or page, the title page is considered, but is not numbered.
It is recommended to adhere to the standard structure of the essay.
Title page.

At the top of the page is the full name of the educational institution.

In the center is written with its subject, without the quotes, then type of work ("Referat"), and on what subject.

Below right shift – data student (name, class), then the data Manager, consultant (name, position). At the bottom indicated the city and under it the year without the letter "g".
The table of contents. Here lists all sections and subsections and the number of relevant pages.
The introduction usually takes no more than two pages, and reflects the purpose of work and actuality of the illuminated subject.
The main part is 12-15 pages, at the discretion of the author. And contains the volumetric calculations on the collected in the framework of this question the material, its synthesis, personal reasoning of the author and preliminary findings.
The headings of chapters and paragraphs are numbered, but the words "Chapter" and "paragraph" are not written.

If you have a table, they should be numbered and arranged sequentially in the text. Top right is written "table" and the room name is placed below the table.

The same applies to diagrams and drawings.
Graphic material should file a separate application after the list of references.

Links to works by different authors are welcome.

Footnotes can be paged or end, but all the same.
The conclusion should be concise (1-2 pages), which follows logically from the above arguments and reasoning, and to contain the final conclusions and concepts.
The list of references. Sources indicate in order of importance and credibility. It is desirable that it was a modern works, at least - the ancient, has not lost its significance.
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However, it is important not only to properly execute the abstract, but it is worthy to present. Details consider their performance, providing possible questions and answers. Speak confidently and thoroughly. If necessary, be prepared to present all the material for 3-5 minutes without missing the highlights.

Advice 3 : How to make a essay

Everyone at least once in life faced with the need of writing essays. If you have just started to study at the University, you will probably need more than one abstract. How to do it easily and quickly?
How to make a essay
The apparent simplicity of downloading ready essays from the Internet is no longer effective. Teachers also have access to the Internet and with a high degree of probability will convict you of plagiarism. To make the essay yourself, you need the following. Knowing the topic of the essay, gather the necessary information on it.Use the list of recommended literature, if it is not, contact your teacher with a request to advise on the most accessible and informative resources. Ask whether they have online. It's much more convenient to write the essay from the comfort of home than to adjust to the schedule of work of the library. If you choose the Internet sources, check their reliability and authenticity. A high degree of reliability have textbooks, monographs, and articles from periodicals.
The abstract starts with a title page. The basic requirements for title sheet is usually presented in the training manual. They are standard: at the top – the name of the school. In the middle part of the sheet – topic summary, below right – the string "Fulfilled" and "Checked". At the bottom of the list – the name of the city and year of writing the essay. The abstract consists of three main parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. Introduction this topic relevance of the abstract. Write than a given topic is relevant, what makes it interesting to you personally, why you write this essay, what goals and objectives you set for yourself. Here make a small literature review on the topic of the essay. In the main part reveals the theme of the essay. The work may consist of several chapters at the end which you wish to make a brief conclusion. When using quotations, you must do the references. Quotes are enclosed in quotation marks.
In conclusion, make analysis of the work, summarize the conclusions of individual chapters. Voice your opinion, if necessary, give a forecast of future events. At the end, arrange the references in alphabetical order. If in the process of writing the essay you have any questions, contact your instructor for clarification. This will allow you to avoid mistakes and extra work.
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