Complete your title page on a separate sheet of A4 size. Its top and bottom margin be at least 20 mm each, right 10 mm, left – 30 mm. Use Times New Roman font, which size should be 14 pt. The title page is included in the total number of sheets of the paper, but not numbered.
At the top of the sheet in the center write what Ministry or Department refers to an educational institution. For example: "the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation", "Department of education region ..." etc.
Specify the full name of the educational institution. If it is a professional, skip one space and write the name of the faculty (Department) and the Department. For example: "Municipal educational institution average comprehensive school with profound studying of subjects number 5, Green", "State educational institution of higher professional education "... state Humanities University faculty of Philology Department of Russian language", etc. In some schools the internal rules registration papers need to write specialty code (the code).
There are 2 ways of registration of names of work and themes of the essay:
1.At a distance of 1/3 from top of sheet (about 8 cm) on the center line in bold write in capital letters the name of the work (ABSTRACT). Below the word "Subject" followed by a colon and specify the full topic name in quotes.
2.After the word ABSTRACT immediately write the name of the abstract without the quotes and the word "subject".
For specification of the required version, contact your teacher or in the curriculum of schools, colleges, University.
In the lower third of the sheet on the right side write "finished (a):" or "Student grade ... (number)", "the Student group... (number)", then your surname, name, patronymic. Below, specify the supervisor (reviewer), consultants (if any), surname, name and academic title, the degree. If you use the word "finished (a):" it is necessary to print and "Checked:". In this case, leave the place for the signature of the teacher.
Bottom of the title page, write the locality (city, town), which is an educational institution. Below, specify the year, when it was written essay.