You will need
  • - the selection Committee of the University, information about how many applicants with good exam results;
  • stats.
Information about the passing scoreOh is widely available. And each University for each faculty established its own passing score. For example, the faculties and educational institutions that are most in demand, the passing score will be very high.
To have a clear idea about the size of a lowest passing scoreand should wait for the deadline for receipt of documents and on the basis of the obtained data to know how many points must have in order to become a student. But applicants, use the results of the exam, this number can be reduced, for example, if someone takes away your documents to another UNIVERSITY.
How to learn passing <b>score</b>
If you're waiting for the mood and level of patience, you can use the following scheme. To begin to know the statistics walk-through scores in the school over the last 3-4 years. Further study of the resulting numbers. On average, the passing score varies by 5-10 points every year.
How to learn passing <b>score</b>
Of course, increased the chances to get a passing score in the graduates with the ideal results of the exam. However this contingent can significantly raise the size of a lowest passing score.
How to learn passing <b>score</b>