As you know, each task performed during the exam, will be assessed a certain number of points. During the processing of exam results at the first stage calculates a primary score – the simple sum of all points earned for correctly completed tasks. Next, you need to translate the primary points in the test. This is used quite a sophisticated technique.
For each subject installed two normative values raw score – the so-called boundary values. The first boundary value is the minimum number of points that you need to press so the exam is recognized successfully commissioned. The second limit value is higher. Those who have a raw score equal to the second boundary value or exceeds it, are characterized as graduates with a high level of knowledge. For example, in 2011, the first boundary in the Russian language – 17, the second boundary value is 50.
Further, among those who passed the exam in the previous year choose two, whose raw score closest to the first boundary value (one – a little less than the primary score and the second a little more). Calculate the arithmetic average of these two numbers, so get your test score the previous year, the corresponding test score of the year. Minimum initial score is assigned the value 0, the maximum of primary points is set to 100. Based on the scale of intermediate initial points are translated to the test.