If you are interested in a box, created by one of the free email services, try to register the email with the same name. Existing mail box , you cannot register again. In this case, issued an error message and the impossibility of registration.
Write a letter for any you postal address on the required box. The letter can be with text or without. It doesn't matter. Sending it, check after some time a mailbox for new emails. If you received a letter, which refers to the desired mail box, it means that your message did not reach the addressee. It is possible that this mail box does not exist.
If you are looking for a mail box to the domain,, or sign up in the social network "My world". Then use one of the searches according to the accounts of other users. You can simply dial the desired mailbox in the search box in the upper right corner of the page or click on the word "People" next to "My мир". By doing this, you will be taken to a page of search accounts by different criteria. Enter your e-mail in the input field located under "Search" word. Click "Find". After that, if a postal address exists, you will see the avatar and other details of the owner of the box.
If you know the first part of the name of the mail box, but do not know the address of the website on which it is located, try to look for information known in the search engine. For these purposes use search engine Unlike other similar systems, she finds information in multiple search engines and gives it in the list.
Check for the existence of the website, if the desired mail box is not registered on a free mail service. To do this, type into the address bar of the browser-the part names boxa, which comes after the symbol "dog". If the site loads, it is likely that the box exists.