Advice 1: How to find the postal address

Thanks to the Internet now there is no need to waste ink and paper, buy envelopes and stick stamps. All the words you can write in the email. But high technology does not allow us to send over the Internet, say, oranges. In some cases the mailing address is really needed.
How to find the postal address
The mailing address is different from your usual address. A necessary element of a postal address is a mail index. It is needed in order to facilitate the sorting of letters and parcels. Russia has adopted a six-digit system of formation of the index XXXYYY. XXX is the area code or region and YYY is the number of the post office. But in very large cities can be used by several city codes.
Now that we know what a postcode, and why you need it, let's see how to learn the coveted six digits.
Each district has its own post office. The easiest way is to come back, mention the address and see index. You can then safely log on to websites of online shops or dictate the address family from the Altai region, so they can send you a jar of sweet honey.
You do not have relatives in Altai Krai, you don't like honey, and the post office you go lazy? See the next step.
Refer to the help of the Internet, which allows you to find all if not immediately, then in the shortest possible time.
Since sending people move much less frequently than write letters, e-mail has ceased to enjoy such great popularity as before. Many young people don't even know that there is still some way to reach the destination except the Internet. However, we do not mind to receive the parcel with homemade jam from grandma or a huge box of things from abroad.
How can know the index of the "progressive" youth?
To seek the assistance of two sites:
Their principle of operation is very simple. Choose the region where you live (if you need to know your postcode) or target (if you need to send him a letter or parcel, then the town, then the street. The program will indicate the six-digit code-index.
You're done! You can send a parcel or to wait for it eagerly. However, in both cases, the mail still have to go.

Advice 2 : How to find out your postal addresses

When you write the address where you should send a package, parcel or letter, it is usually necessary to specify the postal address including the index. And it sometimes causes problems: their own index, you know not all.
How to find out your postal addresses
If you are in your own apartment – way receipts for utilities or phone bills: as a rule, there is a full address, including postcode.
Go to the nearest post office: in each of these has a Handbook that contains information about the service areas of all post offices of Russia. As a rule, it is the employees engaged in the acceptance of parcels and registered letters (they often have to specify the indexes). Just give your address and ask them to dictate a postcode.
Find information about the indexes and on the Internet: it is not a secret, but quite popular. Therefore, there are a number of sites where you can find the code at. The information presented on them, the same, and the principle of work with the database indexes are similar.
If you use a nationwide database of indices, first select the region and city where you are, and then in the alphabetical list – the letter or number that begins the name of the street on which you live. Then on the opened page, find the name of the street. Next to its name will be written in a six digit code – it matches your mailing address.
Quite often, houses located in the same street are served by different post offices have different indexes. In this case, the database will list several indexes and each one will be listed. As a rule, first the letter "H" or "H" (odd or even house numbers), then the range of numbers. For example, "Lermontov H(80-152), N(93-131) – 644001" means that this index applies to all even-numbered house numbers 80 to 152, inclusive, and even from 93 to 131 inclusive.

Advice 3 : How to know the index of the place of residence

Despite the fact that the exchange of paper letters has now been largely replaced email, people sometimes still have to enter your postcode, for example, when filling out official documents. In order to learn it, there are several ways.
How to know the index of the place of residence
The postcode is a special code designating the post office at place of residence. It is machine-readable: thus, the presence of the zip code on letters, postcards, parcels and other shipments significantly speeds up the process of shipment.

Receiving information about the index in the post office

The most obvious way to find out its index in the place of residence is a visit to the nearest post office: for sure you take a walk in your neighborhood, or rushing for groceries at the store, saw the entrance to it, marked white-blue sign of "Mail of Russia". The index of the post office will be written on the doors, however, if you are not sure that you have correctly identified the correct figures, ask any operator: it will provide you with the required information.

This method is simple and reliable, but has significant disadvantages: first, you will need to spend time on a visit to the post office, and secondly, if you decide to clarify the necessary information from the operator, you need to visit the institution during working hours. This may not be always convenient. However, there is another way to learn your index post.

To obtain information about the index online

It's about getting the right information through the Internet. Typing in the search line of any dedicated system request "postcode", you will receive links to a large number of sites containing the required information. However, the most reliable way to determine the index in online mode is to check this information directly on the website of "Mail of Russia".

In order to produce such a test, just go to the "Search post offices". To enter it from the home page: on the left, under the logo of "Russian Post", you will see an orange bar, "Services": select the link "Advanced search" underneath it which will allow you to find the right post office.

By clicking on the link, you will be able to find information about your office, including its index. For this you need to choose the "Search by address" and enter in search bar the address of your place of residence, and then click button "Find". As a result, you will see full information about your organisation: a combination of 6 digits which will be your index by place of residence, address and a phone number where you can get additional information if you need it
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