You will need
  • - computer
  • - Internet access
To get started, log into your email through the full version of the web interface. WAP or PDA in this case would be inappropriate. Then open the email of the sender which you want to calculate.
If you use resource Mail.Ru then select the link "More" which is located at the bottom of the browser window and click the "Official titles". If your mailbox is located on the "Yandex", select the tab "Properties of the letter", which is "Advanced". The owner of the electronic mailbox you should click the down-arrow which is located to the right of the link "Reply", then click on "Show original".
The result on the screen (sometimes as a separate tab) should be a long text. Select from it the following line: Received: from domainn.ame (domainn.ame []). The value of will be an IP address from which this letter came.
If you notice a few lines that have a similar appearance, then take into account only the first one, it will contain the desired code. However, if the first line displays the address, which begins with the numbers 192.168, then you should apply to the second row from the list.
Please note that very often hooligan emails sent through anonymous proxy servers. In other cases, the author of such mailings may be unsuspecting of their existence, the owner of the computer with viruses. In other embodiments, including when you sent the letter contains threats, report the calculated IP address in the Department "K" Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Under any circumstances, distribute the extracted information and not engage them in activities destructive orientation.