If you need to find out the owner of a certain email address, then look up information about it in search engines such as Yandex or Google. Just in the search bar, enter the desired e-mail. And you will be surprised when the system will show you a large amount of data. If no such mailing address has ever been registered on the Internet, at least once, the system will of course give you information requests. There are other opportunities to find the required information.
Ask users on the forums about a particular email address. Perhaps there are people who are faced with a similar box. Maybe it's some kind of newsletter, so you are not alone who has received the appropriate letters. If you find at least some information associated with the desired address, then you can make a request in the official service, which will provide a domain name for email.
Try to write to Inbox a message to get answered. As soon as you receive a letter from the person you want, you can view its IP address, which was carried out sending a message, and then find the location where the living sought the owner of the box. In this regard, the list of users interested in address should be reduced.
Find the owner of the email address with the help of social networks, as there is a huge number of users. So, if the mailbox was on the server then you can look for the owner of the email address with the help of the project "My World". And if you are registered on Yandex, search for mail the right person in the network "J. ru". You can log in to social networks such as "Contact", "Odnoklassniki", Facebook. To do this, use the built-in search.