You should know that the success of the search largely depends on the personality of your interlocutor. More specifically, how he managed to "leave marks" on the Internet. First check his / her email address in several search engines:
If you managed to track the email address of that person on other sites, read the activity on these sites. In that case, if he still sees there, sign up under another name and try to establish contact with him. You need to understand whether changes in his communication style when talking to different, he believes, people if it reports the same information, or different. At this stage you will be able to understand whether his words are elements of the game, or lie.
Try to enter in search engines not the whole address, but the part before the @ sign. Often the first part of the email address is in tune with the beloved nickname of the person, so entering it, you can get additional helpful information about his presence on other sites.
Analyzing the information collected at different sites, you may be able to obtain any additional information, such as other email addresses, ICQ number, his ip. Ah-pee, you can learn quite a lot – in particular, the region of residence of this man and his provider. There are a number of pretty good services, to push the ip addresses of the information. For example, go here: search for an ip address and get about it with all available information.
There are services that allow the map to show the location of the computer. Follow this link and try, to sample, to check your ip address: In many cases, the definition is quite accurate, but it is advisable to check AI-PI on several services. For example, go here: or visit this resource:
If the ip address of the interlocutor is unknown, try to find out. In that case, if you are chatting with him via e-mail, it is not difficult – just look at the title of the letter. It could be done as mail clients and mail services. For example, in the Rambler to view the header of the letter should open the letter, then in the menu "Other actions" choose "subject".
Header view is useful because there is a possibility to substitute the letter sent in the real mail address of the sender is fake, including strangers. But when viewing the email header you will immediately discover the deception, since the text will contain the real address.
In most cases, the maximum that can learn legitimate ways is the city of residence of the person and the provider whose services he uses. Contact your ISP with a request to communicate something about the owner Ah-PI is useless, this information is not disclosed. Remain purely hacking methods, but in the case of their use you are themselves at risk of violating the law.