You will need
  • statistics
  • - labor times
  • - records of work time
  • - actual scope of work
  • software
  • - computer
Define the period for which you will produce calculations develop. It can be hourly, daily average and monthly average. The average hourly production is the ratio of total volume of produced goods or provided services and the total number of man-hours worked during the same time period. Calculate the average hourly production according to the formula:
Hourly production = Volume of production/ total man-hours.
The number of man-hours can be determined by the timesheet time, moving average value.
Calculate the average daily production. It determines the daily output of the enterprise for a certain period of time. Average daily production as follows:Daily production = production volume / number of man-days worked for all employees
Calculate the average monthly output. This indicator is derived on the basis of volume of output and staff number of staff. Monthly production = the total production volume/average number of all employees.
When calculating productivity, one must consider that it may change under the influence of internal and external factors. The internal factors of influence include adjustments to the volume and structure of production, improvement of mechanisms of management and stimulation of working process, organization of production, introduction of innovative technologies.