You will need
  • Staffing
  • Calculator
  • A pen and a notebook
Determine the average number of specialists on the payroll or number of employees who are officially employed in the company. This figure is equal to the sum of employees working full and part time. The number of employees working full time, is determined on each day of the month and multiplied by the number of days (working) in a month. But the number of staff working part-time is defined as follows – the number of hours worked*standard duration innumber of days in the month. This indicator is calculated separately for each employee, the final numbers are added.
Calculate the number of employees sovmestitelstvom are defined, the number of specialists in payroll, go to the calculation of the number of workers external part-time workers, i.e. professionals who work in the enterprise-record and replace any of the employees. The calculation of this index is similar to calculating the number of employees who work part-time.
Calculate the number of employees working in civil dogovornaia determine the average number of employeesthat perform their duties on the basis of a civil contract. The procedure for calculating this indicator is the following: first calculate how many employees worked every single calendar day in the month. Then the totals are added and divided by the number of months.
Calculate the average number of employees.At this point it is necessary to add up all the indicators. Thus, the calculation of the number of employees is a complex process that requires the accountant a huge amount of time and attention. Each specialist and the number of hours they worked should be taken into account in this indicator, it is therefore often the average number of employees is considered by means of specially developed programs.