The easiest way to determine the output of this borrowing data from the statistical reports prepared by accounting for the regional statistics Committee. Take the volumetric data from this document.
If statocyst is available, then calculate the monetary value of the amount of finished products at the beginning and end of the reporting period.
Subtract the monetary value of the balance of goods manufactured from total amount of the issue during the reporting period. This number will reflect the volume of output.
This calculation is quite relative and for more correct figures must be added the difference (see section 3) to revenue from sales of finished products.
To further clarify the scope of finished products index the amount received by the percentage similar to the percentage by which the changed pricing policy of the enterprise during the reporting period. The output you should get the indexed volume of the finished product.
Dynamics of volume of production of finished products you can track the rate of change of the revenue of the enterprise.
To compare the level of revenue use data from the form 2 of the accounting reporting for two or more reporting period.
To unify the process of calculating the volume of finished goods in natural units in the following formula:
VGP = IGP + RSE – Vhhp where
VGP-finished products, pieces

IGP-output balances of finished goods, PCs

RSE-the volume of sales of finished products, PCs

Whgp – opening balances of finished goods at the beginning of the period.
Correctly calculated production volume of finished products helps to plan the sales through the existing distribution network or to decide on the extension of the network, if the production capacity enable us to satisfy a greater number of requests for manufactured products from customers.