For mass and volume production, characterized by the special accounting of labour of workers employed in the preparatory and final work, the standard time for production of unit of production is equal to the piece-rate calculation time. For piece, batch and small-batch production, when the same employee performs the basic, preparatory and final work, these rules will be different.
When calculating quotas, which expresses the necessary result of activities of workers using natural indicators: pieces, meters, kilograms. The rate of production (Nvar) is the quotient of the duration of one working shift (VSM) for the time required to produce a unit of output (Vsht). For mass production the rate of production will be equal to:
Nvar = VSM / Vsht.
If the production batch or unit, as the divisor in the above formula uses the amount Wstk – time, specific method of calculation when calculating the cost per unit of output. In this case, the output rate is calculated according to the formula:
Nvar = VSM / Vstk.
In those industries where the preparatory stage calculates and normalized separately for each work shift, the production rate should be calculated according to the formula:
Nvar = (VSM – VPZ)/ Sci, where VPZ – time spent on preparatory and final work.
The formula for calculation of quotas in the cases of the use of automated equipment and hardware will be somewhat different:
Nvar = *NVM, But where the rate of service, NVM – the rate of production of equipment which is equal to:
NVM = NVM Teor * PFF. Here NVM Theor – the theoretical rate of production of the equipment used, the CPV – coefficient of labor time per shift.
In the case of periodic hardware processes the rate of production is equal to:
Nvar = (VSM – EO – ex) * trip * But/VOP, where the time spent on maintenance of equipment, Votl – time allowance for personal needs of staff, VP – produced for one period of production, the question of the duration of this period.
Quote (P) can be calculate by the formula:
R = s / Nwyr, or

P = Vsht * C, where C is the rate of this category of works.