Knowing your ratetion plan allows you to control your spending during mobile conversations with their relatives and friends. So choose the pricing plan that best suits you both in price and in functionality.
To find out your tariff plan Life, turn the phone on, dial *142# and press “call”, then follow the instructions, go to “plan change”, and then in the menu “current plan”. And you learn the data plan you're using. Next find out the cost of minute of conversation and the number of free texts that supports your plan.
If it is something you are not satisfied, you can always replace it with a new benefit, the variety of tariffs from the company's Life allows you to do it. If so, you have for any reason failed to find out your tariff plan, call or go to the office, a mobile service, where experts will promptly solve your problem and tell you what tariff plan you are using.
If you are going on a long trip, go to the voice menu and select a tariff plan tourist life. Also another tariff plan you can buy in any shop of mobile phones. Thanks to its capabilities, this plan supports the ability to call their friends and relatives from any corner of our country. Life coverage allows you to use the company's services (dial, receive calls, send SMS) to any settlement of our country. If you don't know which plan to choose, go to the website of the mobile operator. There is all necessary and comprehensive information on each of the offered tariff plans.
Choose only one tariff plan which will allow you to communicate with relatives and friends at the best price for you. Convince all their friends to upgrade to a data plan, then you can call them at any time of the day is actually free. To Fund their mobile account, buy the special recharge card or use the terminal fast payment. Tariff plans 3g life enables to use mobile phones with 3g standard.