You will need
  • mobile phone or smartphone
  • the number of the subscriber you want to transfer the funds
  • the required amount in the account on your phone
Mobile operator Life:) acting on the territory of Ukraine and Belarus also provides its subscribers the opportunity to use the service. For this you only need to have a balance of your mobile is required to transfer the amount.
If you live in Ukraine.
Remember that the maximum amount you can transfer from your account to the account of another Life:) subscriber is 500 hryvnia. The choice you have several methods of translation. For example, to replenish the account of another subscriber with the query, call "*111*national number of the subscriber in Ukraine view 380ХХХХХХХХХ*the amount you want to transfer to this subscriber#". Upon acceptance of your USSD request, your account will be debited for the transfer amount. You will come short of the implementation of the request.
In addition, sending the USSD "*124#", you will see a pop-up window with the service menu. Select "balance Transfer", then click respond to enter her room. Then you will be required to specify the account number (phone) to replenish, as well as the amount you are willing to translate. Progress you will also learn from your text messages.
If you perform USSD-queries does not work, you can send a short text message to the number 124. The text will look like this: "PEREVOD_номер of the payee and the amount required is", where " _ " is a required space.
The cost of translation of any amount is 1 UAH. If you send a request via SMS, free of charge.
If you live in Belarus.
Send from the mobile phone USSD "*120#", then in the new window enter the national number of a subscriber of a kind 375259хххххх to which you want to transfer money , as well as the amount of transfer. Or just type "*120*1#". This command will cause the window for entering the number and amount.
The cost of the translation services cash – 100 Belarusian rubles.
Note that for some tariff plans the transfer of funds to another party is impossible. A list of them check on the websites of the operator.