If you are a subscriber of the cellular operator MTS, before sending SMS to short number to send a free message to number 2282. In the message body enter the room, the cost of services for which you wish to know. In response you will receive message with information about their value. This service is called "Infokontent". More detailed instructions for working with her located on the following page:
Remember that free shipping message to the number 2282 is only when in the home region.
If you are subscriber of "Beeline", download the price list for sending SMS-messages to short numbers in the following link:
To view this document, you can use one of the following office suites: Calc, Gnumeric, Microsoft Office Excel (i.e., Viewer), or the online Google Docs Viewer.
If your phone is connected to the operator "MegaFon", check the cost of SMS-services on short numbers click on the following link:
Then select the region in which you reside.
If this way to find information about the cost of sending SMS to the number you failed, just enter the number in a search engine along with the words "short number", "value" or similar. Pick a combination of words so far, until you find the URL of the website of the content provider. In this way information on the cost of services. It can be specified in the fine print, placed in a section, a link to which is hard to find, or simply have a color which blends with the background. In the latter case, select all the text on the page by pressing "Control"+"A".
In case of unsuccessful search of information on the cost of services on short number ask for her support of the operator. There's also find out the cost of sending SMS messages in case if the number is not short, and international.
If to know the cost of services not managed by any of the methods listed above, do not use this service at all.