You will need
  • Mobile phone and telephone number.
As always at the most inopportune moment when you had to make an important call, did not have enough money in the account. Then you have to quickly remember which of the loved ones can quickly translate the missing funds.
This operation is called a "balance Transfer". In order you can transfer money, request a friend or relative, who like you is a subscriber of the network "life".
To learn that you need help, send a message to the number 124 with text: SOS, space, and the caller's telephone number in the national format. This message is free, the recipient will see your request almost instantly and can transfer the money.
There are 3 options for transferring funds.Money transfer can be made by request. For this first typed *111*, then the subscriber's number in the national format, which you plan to transfer a certain amount, after * amount #. Press the call button.
You can call *124#, to select the category of the "balance Transfer", indicate the number and amount of money.
Surgery also may be done using the message. This should send a message to the number 124 with text PEREVOD, space, number in the national format and specify the required transfer amount.
However, the operator has a list of stores that do not belong to the customer service center, the addresses can be found by visiting the website. In such cases, the service "balance Transfer" begins to act only after 21 days after connecting to the network.
To find out whether a store to the service center, you can still one way: to try and have someone from the friends funds to the account or to request payment. If this function is not connected, the subscriber receives a message from the operator stating the date from which the service will be available.