The standard program built into Windows, can pronounce printed text. This may be necessary if you are learning English and do not know how to pronounce the word. Or if you want to write a message on the answering machine voice of the computer.
The standard program is converting text to speech, is located at the following address. For Windows XP: "start" - "setting" - "control Panel" - "Speech".For Windows 7: "start" - "control Panel" - "accessibility" - "speech Recognition" in the left pane of the "Convert text to speech. This small program allows you to name individual words and sentences. Depending on the version of the operating system may be either a single voice or several to choose from. Enter the text in the line "Use the following text to preview the voice" and hit "preview voice". The disadvantage is that the program only works with the English language.
The following method allows to reproduce the text in most languages of the world. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet. Open a browser and navigate to the page In the top panel, a tab, locate the "More" and click it. In the ongoing list, select "Translator". Type or paste your text into the window to enter text. Then, in the bottom right of the entry boxes click "Listen". The written text can be heard on the Russian language and in the language which was set up in the translation.
In addition, you can use special software to convert text to speech. Among the many known are the following: Sakrament TalkerPro, Govorilka, Govorun, Better Text to Wawe, Verbose Text to Speech Software, Textic Talklets. To start using any of these programs, it is necessary to download to your computer and install.