You will need
  • Wax for hair removal;
  • strips of paper;
  • - swipe;
  • oil;
  • - mild detergent.
If you use wax for hair removal for the first time or acquired the products of another manufacturer, be sure to read the instructions for use. Even if you think that you know exactly how to apply the wax and remove with the help of the hair for each product can be own variations of this procedure. Some waxes for hair removal contain ingredients that are very difficult to remove from the skin using a normal detergent, so to purify the body from the remnants of this wax may need a special cream or lotion alcohol.
If you don't have the instructions or it says nothing about how to remove wax residue from the skin, use a proven method. Thoroughly wash the skin with a special detergent and a sponge. It is best to use for this purpose a hard loofah or a sponge with a solid surface. RUB well the skin with a towel and then liberally lubricate nourishing soothing cream. If after that on the body and remain any traces of wax using cream they can be very easy to remove.
Complete with wax strips usually are special caring napkins with oil extract. They help remove the skin wax residue and provide her soothing effect. But even if these wipes at hand was not, wax for hair removal can easily remove using the usual fatty cream or baby oil. Well suited for these purposes, the oil "Johnson's baby" or any other oil with a soft, oily texture.