For this method of depilation in most cases use either warm or hot wax. Warm wax made from pine resin and beeswax or honey. The melting point of this wax is about 3 -38 degrees. To reheat it, just hold it under the streams of hot water, and in some cases just to hold in a clenched palm.
A hot wax developed on the basis of pine tar mixed with oil. This tool is used to remove hair from the bikini area. Hair removal using this tool, is best done in special shops, as its use and the warming up requires some experience. But if you are not able to see a specialist, can do such waxing at home. Heat the hot wax in the microwave or in a water bath. The time of heating wax in the microwave in an average of 30 to 60 seconds. To determine the exact time of warm-up, carefully read the instructions.
There are also special devices for heating wax. If the procedure of wax depilation you spend regularly, it is best to buy a heater — it will simplify your work. Such a device should have a base stand where you can place a jar or a tape with wax. In addition, when buying, pay attention to the fact if the apparatus temperature controller, which will allow you to choose the temperature for your skin.
During wax depilation should be sure to avoid burns. To check the temperature of the wax, apply a small amount of the substance on hand, you will immediately feel how it has warmed up.
Remember that you can not take a bath or shower before waxing because the skin and hairs must be completely dry. And after the procedure the skin is very sensitive, so do not immediately expose it to sunlight.