You will need
  • wax;
  • - spatula for applying the wax.
  • - talc or powder;
  • paper or fabric for hair removal;
  • - lotion or body milk.
Wash and wipe dry with a towel areas of the body where you intend to wax. The skin should be clean and dry and not treated with any cosmetic products.
Heat the wax. You can use the water bath. Put the wax in a small metal container and place it on the bottom of the pan with water so that the container of wax floated in the water in the pan, otherwise the wax can pour out. Then put the saucepan on medium heat and wait until wax begins to melt. Heat the wax for hair removal using a microwave oven. The exposure time of the wax in this case is 30-60 seconds.
Check the temperature of heated wax. This must be done to avoid burns. With a spatula scoop a small amount of wax and gently apply it on the hand. If the leather can withstand the temperature, you can start waxing.
Degrease the skin, sprinkled it with talc or a special cream for depilation. Then with a spatula a thin layer (0.5–1 mm), apply wax onto the skin in direction of hair growth. Ensure that the wax strips were a little narrower and 3-5 cm shorter than the strips of paper or fabric for hair removal. Put on waxed area of the skin a cloth or paper strip and flatten it, holding tightly to the skin in the direction from the middle to the edges. One edge of the strip for easy grip should be left unglued.
When the wax hardens, sharp jerk, remove the strip, be sure in the direction against the hair growth. If you failed to remove all the hair at once, repeat the procedure, but no more than three times for the same area. When processing of sensitive areas of the skin use less wax – this will make the procedure less painful and will help to avoid irritation.
In the same way treat new areas of the skin. When removing strips of tissue paper or pull them in the direction parallel to the surface of the skin, not perpendicular: first, it is less painful and secondly, so you can remove the maximum amount of hair in one application. To speed up the process of depilation, the wax can be applied to several parcels that are not in contact with each other.
Remove wax residues from the skin. To do this, simply wipe the treated area of the skin by any means for body care (cosmetic milk or lotion), applied on a cotton swab. You can also use a special oil to remove wax after waxing.