Purchase a kit for hair removal wax: heater, wax cartridge and strips special. If you can't find this set, get a wax and lint-free cloth.
If you bought the kit, then heat the wax in the heater and apply it on hair growth. When you have only the wax, it must first be prepared. Warm it in a water bath until hot, but he should not burn the skin. Quickly apply the wax with a spatula or brush on the problem area.
As soon as you distribute the wax, quickly apply the cloth and a bit "smooth" to the skin. The wax sufficiently hardens quickly and if you wait too long to make a tissue, the procedure can be considered finished. Heat the wax again, but this time try to do everything faster.
After the wax hardened, quickly tear the cloth against the hair growth. The procedure is somewhat painful, but still effective, so a little patience is worth it. This procedure contributes not only to elimination of unwanted hair, but also cleanse the skin from dead cells.
If you still have single hairs after epilation to remove them with tweezers or an electric epilator.
When the procedure is finished, treat skin with a moisturizing antibacterial cream after shaving, because waxing can also cause irritation and redness.
If you didn't manage to make hair removal wax by yourself, visit a beauty salon.