Advice 1: How to use wax strips

Modern girls have in their Arsenal of beauty, a huge number of means and methods for removing unwanted hair. And to remove unwanted vegetation in the home and in the salon. Among the home methods are still the most common and most effective is the use of wax to depilate or wax strips. The procedure will be more efficient, and the result dolgovremennye, if you follow some rules.
Comfortable waxing
You will need
  • - wax strips;
  • scrub;
  • - chlorhexidine, or "synthesis";
  • - the balm or cream after waxing;
  • - body butter or any vegetable oil.
Prepare for the procedure beforehand. Select the time – best night or day when you don't need to go anywhere. For a good result, hair length must be at least 0.5 cm.
Take a hot shower. The hot water will soften the upper layers of the skin, open pores. Removing hairs from skin steaming much easier.
Treat foot scrub. Try to be more gentle exfoliator.
Prepare the wax strips. Folded in half, RUB the strip between your hands for 30-40 seconds to melt the wax. If it happens in winter, then the strip can be heated by putting on the heating battery and leaving for 10-15 seconds. If desired, for heating, Hairdryer, directing the jet of hot air on the strip with the wax.
Unfold the strip and apply it on the skin of the area that needs treatment. Edge of the strip to leave free in order to then strip it easy to remove. Carefully, lightly pressing down, smooth out the surface of the strips of leather, moving in the direction of hair growth.
Hold the skin, as if lightly pulling it at the site where located strip. Thereby you reduce the pain and will make hair removal more efficient. Other hand sure sharp movement of the tear strip from the skin, moving in the direction against the hair growth. Treat thus all in need of depilation of the body surface.
Remove wax residue from the skin with any oil for the body. If body butter is not at hand, olive or even sunflower.
Wipe the skin undergoing the procedure of hair removal, chlorhexidine or "Miramistin". It is required to reduce irritation also to the smallest of wounds left on the skin after the procedure, have not gotten infected.
Brush the treated areas with a special balm or cream after epilation. Well, if it will be composed of tea tree oil, known for its healing, soothing and antibacterial properties.
Fold in half and remove the wax strips. They can be used again after 2-3 weeks when the hair grows back.
Try at least a few hours after waxing do not wear jeans, trousers, tights or stockings. Give the skin time to recover after the procedure, but don't aggravate her even more clothes.
Useful advice
To reduce pain during the procedure, use a special pain creams for hair removal. The most popular is the cream "EMLA". If the cream was not, you can wipe the skin with ice or treated with peppermint oil and then wipe dry. If the pain threshold is very low, a half-hour before the procedure is to take the pill analgesic.

Advice 2 : Wax strips: reviews and method of use

Excess hair in visible areas of the body – questionable decoration for girls. The most affordable way to say goodbye to them – shave. However, the result is very short. One of the new effective means of dealing with body hair are waxing strips.
Wax strips: reviews and method of use

What is wax strips

Wax strips – a new word in home hair removal. They represent a small piece of paper on which a thin layer of the wax. Two parts usually cut with each other that allows you to easily and quickly heat up the active ingredient just using the friction between your palms. Further, the strip must be separated and pasted on the selected hair area of the body.

The most popular brands of wax strips are Caramel, Veet, Cliven, Byly, Oriflame, etc. Each pack contains 8 to 16 wax strips (the number varies depending on the brand). Includes oil-impregnated wipes (removes wax residue from the body) and instructions.

Wax strips differ in their purpose. There are separate oils for the feet, hands, separately - for the armpits, face. Some firms also offer strips for the bikini area. Regardless of application, all strips must be used.

How to use wax strips

In the area that needs hair removal, hair should be medium length (3-4 mm). Very short processes of the wax to grab can't. Before the procedure, experts recommend to prepare the area depilation: to make peeling and steam. These actions will allow you to remove hair and will make the procedure less painful.

Next, thoroughly dry the skin and apply some talc/baby powder in a thin layer. Heat molded strips in his hands. Disconnect the material for waxing and stick to the selected area. Please note: glue should be in the direction of hair growth. Smooth the strip, carefully propadu her hand: she should be good to capture every hair.

The skin below the pasted strips a little pull and lock. Grasp the lower edge of the wax sheet very rapidly and pull it up. Remember: the sharper is the movement, the less pain you will experience. If you have a lot of hairs, completely repeat the procedure. Unit simply remove with tweezers. Remaining on the skin the wax wipe off cosmetic wipes, available in the set. If they are not, or they ran out, use a cloth dipped in vegetable/olive oil.

What the girl says about wax strips

Reviews about wax strips vary widely. Some girls were quite unhappy with this method of hair removal, the other he came to taste. Not to be disappointed, you should pay attention to positive and negative opinions.

The main points causing dissatisfaction among most of the girls: duration of treatment and poor hair removal. Wax, as evidenced by numerous reviews, often remains in the area of hair removal instead of to get rid of vegetation. To avoid this situation, girls are recommended to heat the strips in your hands, with iron, battery, hair dryer and other heating appliances.

Many girls also faced the problem of severe irritation of the skin. From the reviews, it follows that the procedure is absolutely not suitable for sensitive skin and skin inflammations/wounds. Also the wax strips will not be effective if you have dense vegetation: removal will take a very long time, and the result will be sad, and be cleansed no more than 60% of the skin surface).

The most positive feedback about wax hair removal strips face. This procedure seemed to the girls is not very painful and effective. Hair is removed quickly, well and for a long time. As for the other parts of the body wax strips perfect for those who have vegetation is sparse and soft.
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