How to prepare for waxing?

For hair removal uses a special composition of wax which is slightly heated and applied in a thin layer on the skin. Hair removal can be performed on any part of the body. This legs, arms, armpits, stomach, bikini area and more. Before the process the skin needs to be prepared, removing dead skin cells. This can be done using a normal scrub, treating them skin the day before hair removal.

To achieve the desired result, the hair should be at least 3-5 mm. Shortly before the procedure, the skin should be treated with fruit acid or tonic. These tools clean the skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

Wax for hair removal

For waxing, there are several types of wax: hard and soft wax, wax strips and water-soluble wax.

Hard wax is in the form of briquettes and is used in beauty salons. It warm up for about 30 minutes to a temperature of 50 degrees using a special device called to help melting wax faster.

Soft wax you can buy off the shelf. It is used in salons and at home.

Wax strips designed for independent use. This special paper strips with cold wax, which is heated using hands.

Water soluble wax is a special cream with sugar or honey.

How is the procedure for waxing?

Hair removal with hot wax is only professional. He pulls out the heated wax with a spatula, gently cools and apply to skin in a thin layer. After the wax hardens, the esthetician removes it with a flick. Well the hot wax opens the pores and reduces pain.

Hair removal cold wax, it is slightly heated, is applied to the skin along the hair growth and densely press to it a slip of paper, then sharp movement it is removed. Optionally this strip can be used several times. To remove wax residues from the skin need to use oil, since the composition of the wax contains resin that is not soluble in water.

During use of water-soluble wax cream in a warm paste is applied only to the hairs, gluing them. After curing, the cream is removed, removing unwanted hair.

Who is not allowed to do waxing?

This kind of hair removal is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women. There are also diseases in which it is impossible to epilate because it can have complications: diabetes, varicose veins, diseases of the endocrine system. You cannot do waxing as the hair removal there are moles or warts.