The printhead of an inkjet printer can be cleaned using the appropriate tools, usually supplied by the manufacturer supplied software. To use this option, click "start" on the taskbar, select "Printers and faxes".
In the list of connected hardware select your printer, click the right mouse button, select "Properties". In the opened window in the appropriate tab, select "Cleaning" or "Deep cleaning". Note that when you perform this operation consumes ink.
Apart way clean heads this process can be started manually by pressing the corresponding key combination on the printer control panel. Necessary key combination specified in the user manual that came with the printer.
If clogged print heads are strong, and the software cleaning does not help, try to clean by using third-party tools. For this you need to extract the printhead from the printer. If you have a low budget printer in which the printheads are aligned with the ink, the operation is not difficult: perform the same sequence of actions as when replacing the empty ink tanks. If you have a more expensive printer with lots of ink (5 or more), you need a service manual, which you can request at the service center.
Carefully following the service points of the user, remove the printhead. Next take a cloth napkin, wet it with water and gently put the printhead on a wet surface. Wait a few minutes. Then move the head to a clean place. Repeat this operation 5-6 times. If desired, the cleaning effect can be enhanced using included vacuum cleaner, holding it up to the printhead nozzles.
The more expensive printers in addition to water-soluble inks are used pigment inks for superior color reproduction. The pigment is not water soluble, to remove it use household cleaners based on isopropyl alcohol. Products containing ammonia cannot be used.