Note: pulse dialing is used in the settings of any phoneand default. To distinguish from the tone at the typical clicks in the receiver when dialling. There is no universal method of transfer to tone mode, but it works not in all models and brands of phones. Try to use - press the star.
Phones Siemens Gigaset usually respond to the following:- press the call key of the subscriber;
- call the function switch to tone modeby typing "10";
- in the popup menu, press "1".
However, there are many nuances in the transition in the tone mode on different models. So the radiotelephone Siemens Gigaset A100 true classics of the genre and will automatically switch to the new mode dial while pressing the "stars" (assuming that you will keep her for 1-2 seconds).
If you are owner of phoneand Siemens Gigaset 900-3000, you have to press successively the following keys (some variants of transfer to tone mode):- "call" and "asterisk";
- "call", "star", "call".
If you are a happy owner of model Siemens Gigaset 4000, then you will have to navigate to tone the mode dial as follows:- dial the number "10-30-60" and wait for the response of the system;
- after the response of the system navigate to the radiotelephone;
- scroll through it until the selecting TEMP/TONE (or TONE);
- confirm your choice by pressing "OK".
Almost all models radiotelephones protected from unauthorized access with a PIN code, which the system at the transition from pulsed modeand dialing in the tone would have to pay. The default PIN is 0000, but it is best to replace a more complex combination of numbers.