You will need
  • Board;
  • glue;
  • - planer;
  • - clamp.
Use for gluing boards section not more than 50 mm and no wider than 180 mm. If you take wood of large dimensions, when dry it will warp. This will lead to the destruction of adhesive joints. When working, use only a dry material with a moisture content of not more than ten percent.
Start with the fact that ostrowite Board. The depth of the removed layer should be not smaller than three millimeters. In this case, the adhesive joint will work fine. Consider the grain direction and annual layers in the selection of the bonding parts.
Use for jointing boards adhesives made of thermosetting resins. Add in the adhesive composition of mineral pigments the color of the wood based eight to ten percent by volume. Gluing the seams will be less visible.
Apply glue on both glued sides of the boards. Lubrication adhesive mortar only one surface does not give uniform wetting of the parts of the other. This will lead to not glued spots, and reduce the strength of the product. A thick layer also has no effect. When pressing it contributes to the squeezing and the loss of time for its removal.
Covered it with wood glue, soak time specified by the manufacturer of the adhesive mass. During this period of increasing concentration and evaporates moisture. This is particularly important when the liquid compositions of the mixture and high temperature in the room. In a cold room to glue. Do not allow inside the working area drafts and dust.
Connect the smeared part and tightly press them, pull the clamps. For this purpose, a suitable vise or press. The amount of pressure determine the density of the adhesive. Formed during the bonding sags remove on a milling machine.