You will need
  • - furniture that you want to restore;
  • - edging tape;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - the range;
  • knife;
  • - abrasive sponge;
  • - iron
  • - round metallic rod;
  • - unnecessary Board.
Measure the thickness of the Board that you have to paste over it. In construction shops for sale edging tape in different widths, from 1.8 to 4.5 cm You need this, which would be slightly wider than the end of your worktops or cupboard doors. Colors of edging strip are very diverse, and you can always pick it up on their own taste and in accordance with the features of your interior.
Before restoration detail to be put in order. In particular, before to paste the ends of the edging strip, remove from them all impurities. From visible surface defects is also better to get rid of. The end should be as straight as possible, so that the processing of the sandpaper in this case is not hurt.
Decide what end you start to glue the edge banding tape. Even a perfectly fitting joints should not be visible to everyone, so to start to hang better from that end which is the least visible. For example, it may be part of the countertop, against the wall, or the bottom side of the door.
The joints can be on the tape. They are obtained when separate pieces connected to the coil. It does not play any role, if you are going to apply the coating on top of the edging strip. In this case, to cut the ribbon as you like. If the coating is assumed, mark the strips so that their length was less than the distance between the joints.
Ballpoint pen a metal bar set on the edge of the ribbon strips of the desired size. You can first draw the strip strictly by the length and width of the end, and then on the long sides to add allowances of approximately 1.5-2mm and is short — 1-1. 5 mm.
Cut strips with scissors or a sharp knife. A metal ruler will come in handy in this case, the cut will be more smooth.
Turn on the iron and heat it to a temperature at which you usually iron cotton products. Divide the height of the end face in half. Draw a middle line around the perimeter of the part. Edging tape is also split into two equal parts the median line throughout its length.
Start at the ends with rounded corners. Apply edge tape to one of these corners to the middle line at the end and the ribbon matched. Iron the edge from the middle line to the upper or lower workpiece surface, strongly pressing iron. Then similarly fix the second half. Under the influence of temperature the adhesive layer melts and the tape is tightly attached to the product. Carefully smooth out all the bumps round metal rod.
Before to make up for the allowances that allow the product to cool slightly. Leave him alone for ten minutes. Then fold the allowances on the top and bottom surfaces and smoothen them with iron. Better to put it on the stock not the entire surface, and the angle. The line would be more durable and elegant.
Again, allow the product to cool. Cut with a knife extra pieces of edging strip. Trim is necessary with respect to the direction of fibers of the product. Right to left is easier to cut when the fibers are directed downwards.
Abrasive sponge or piece of sandpaper smoothen the surface along the edge. Moving the sponge is better in one direction. For example, along the long sides. It is desirable to remove all the irregularities, although the mirror surface in this case is not particularly needed.