You will need
  • - 2 sheets of fiberboard or Mat for the puzzle and a sheet of fiberboard;
  • - PVA glue or paper glue;
  • - wood varnish PF-157;
  • - stiff flat brush or sponge;
  • - Scotch;
  • frame for the puzzle.
Collect the puzzle, which want to keep to the fiberboard sheet or Mat of the puzzle, in short, for every dense separable surface that can be cover with another sheet and flip. If the puzzle is assembled on the table, move it on thick sheet or Board, cover with another sheet of paper. Firmly press them to each other and flip.
Glue the back side of the puzzle with tape, overlapping across, and then along the surface. Cut away the excess tape, pick up the right size frame, clamp the picture between the glass and substrate.
Pick up the material for adhesion of the puzzle, if you can not flip it on the reverse side. This situation occurs when the puzzle is very big and to collect it only on the floor, and the sheet of fiberboard was not timely put under the picture. Use white glue and varnish, or stationery glue.
Clean the painting from dust and any debris trapped on the surface, then to protect the floor surface from the adhesive, carefully put the piece of plastic or thin paper under the picture. Apply PVA glue in a thick layer on the front side of the picture using a flat brush or a small sponge (you can also use a simple office glue). Try not to delay the process of applying the adhesive, as it dries quickly, but at the same time, seal all the joints of the picture.
Let go of the painting for 2-3 hours until the glue dries. If he filled in all the gaps between the parts of the puzzle and became transparent, forming a matte film, the bonding is performed correctly.
Apply on the glued puzzle wood varnish to add Shine. First, once again clean it from any debris or dust, then with a sponge, evenly apply some hairspray on the whole picture. Ensure that the varnish was applied without gaps, as it will be noticeable when dry. Try not to hurt hands or clothing already varnished surface. Do not touch the painting for two days, until complete drying of the varnish.