You will need
  • the basis of MDF, chipboard or plywood;
  • pencil;
  • line;
  • masking tape;
  • black paint;
  • sandpaper.
Find a basis for the school Board. It should be fairly large and level surface. Ideal MDF, chipboard or plywood, but you can use other flat materials. Saw out the rectangle of the desired size. And if you have any old unwanted wall of the Cabinet or other furniture, it is possible to use it entirely.
Apply on Board layout. Act according to the proverb "Seven times measure, cut once." It is necessary to divide the Board into the main part and the frame. A pencil and a ruler, draw a center rectangle, leaving around it a frame of a certain width. Glue the edges of the masking tape, so after painting the fields were visible.
Paint the Board. Well suited nitroenamel, it has a rich color, dries quickly. You can use other paint, water-based, as long as they were safe and of high quality. Choose black or brown color, they are best seen crayons. On a smooth painted surface is not very convenient to draw with chalk, so walk the plank with sandpaper when the paint is dry
Make a shelf for the chalk from the floor or the plastic bracket. After repair are often materials which can be used for this purpose. Look for something similar or buy in the store.
Attach the Board in the right place. If you made it for a child, hang it so that it was convenient to write. There are more than a bold decision to make the chalkboard – use it for the surface of furniture or wall in the house. for example, paint the wall Cabinet, door, refrigerator, or kitchen. This will give the interior extravagance and make it unusual.
To keep the finished Board, properly take care of it: clean regularly, wipe with a cloth or sponge with cold water. Good rinse detergents, if boards are given to children.