You will need
  • - tachometer th-193 from the VAZ-2106.
Connecting the Rev counter on a two stroke twin cylinder motorcycle equipped with an electric starter, a battery and a single-channel electronic ignition system with doohickery ignition coil, fundamentally no different from the regular connection on the car VAZ-2106. The input of the tachometer connect the output of the primary winding of the high voltage ignition coil and the power plug from the battery with the plus and minus wires. At the positive wire move the switch to off in the Parking lot discharged battery. If the motorcycle is imported, and power to the tachometer plug via the ignition switch. It should have appropriate contacts to connect additional devices.
If a two-cylinder two-stroke motorcycle with a single-channel ignition does not have electric start, to the output of the rectifier connect to the battery and from the battery, connect the power to the tachometer through the switch. If the motorcycle does not have a rectifier, equip it to them. For this, you should buy any design of motorcycle rectifier.
If the motorcycle is not equipped with a battery (moped, the old model of the motorcycle, install the battery. In the simplest variant, select the battery from the uninterruptible power supply, battery lamp or a small otoacoustic. Connect the tachometer without battery directly from the generator coil will cause the output of the tachometer failure. It will have to collect yourself or request a friend radio Amateur thyristor voltage regulator with parallel connection of thyristors.
To connect a tachometer for twin cylinder motorcycle dual ignition, provide power to the tachometer voltage using the voltage regulator provide the supply to the input of the tachometer pulses from both cylinders. For the latter duplicate the input circuit of the tachometer by drilling a hole in the rear of the device. Through the hole use a complementary log on to the screw with the wire.
Connect the tachometer to the three-cylinder bike do the same as connecting on a two-cylinder motorcycle dual ignition. Ignition system three-cylinder motors, as a rule, three-channel. Feed the input of the tachometer pulses from any two of the ignition coils of the three. The intervals of the pulses will be uneven, but the measurement accuracy is not affected. You can connect the tachometer to the four - or six-cylinder motorcycle, but this motorcycle is the best option installing original tachometer for that engine.
Difficult to connect the tachometer to a single cylinder motorcycle. To do this, disassemble tachometer, extract the electrical circuit and set the resistor R7 to increase the sensitivity of the device. If the adjustment is not enough, increase by half the capacitance of the capacitor C5 and try to re-adjust the resistor, comparing the indications of the tachometer th-193 with the readings of the reference tachometer.