You will need
  • - remote tachometer;
  • - new instrument panel with integrated tachometer;
  • - a set of tools;
  • - soldering iron;
  • - cotton gloves.
Study guide for the repair and maintenance of your car. There you can find instructions for installing and removing standard tachometer on injection model of your car.
Find out if a regular dashboard with a tachometer on your car. If any, the most perfect and easiest option is to purchase and install such a Board in place of the one that is installed in your machine now.
To install a new dashboard with a built-in tachometer is needed to produce partial or complete disassembly of the torpedo. Each model car has its own characteristics when removing the Board. On some machines it is necessary to detach the whole of the torpedo, and the other just enough to remove the protective visor over the instrument Board, Unscrew the screws fixing the fasteners.
To connect a new dashboard required by the scheme, which is depicted in the attached instructions. Don't forget before installing, remove the "minus" terminal from the battery.
Purchase and install an external tachometer, powered from the cigarette lighter. Such a device allows you to measure the number of revolutions for changing the current in the onboard power supply system. Remote tachometer, powered from the cigarette lighter is very convenient as it requires for the installation a minimum of effort.
However, it does have a small negative error in the measurement. This is due to the fact that each metal its resistance.
Connect the tachometer directly to the wires of the cigarette lighter, if you want to achieve the minimum error. To do this, pull out the cigarette lighter socket from the connector and solder the wires from the tach wire coming from the power supply system of the car, observing the coincidence in color.
For the most accurate measurement of engine rpm, connect a portable tachometer to the ignition coil. Remove the protective cover from the steering column and locate the bundle of wires. Among them, separate those wires that go to the coil. There should be four. One solder on the "plus" and the rest in accordance with the color of the wire.
Contact customer service if you are not confident in their abilities. Install only the model of tachometer, which is recommended for use on your car. Using third-party devices in the best case will lead to incorrect system performance.