You will need
  • - screwdrivers;
  • - soldering iron;
  • - new tachometer;
  • wrench.
If you don't want to spend a lot of time on a full installation of a tachometer, you can purchase the model that works from the cigarette lighter. A tachometer measures the difference in voltage system and puts the information on the number of engine revolutions in a given time. To use this device you need to connect the cigarette lighter plug and the housing to glue on the double sided tape to a convenient place on the dashboard.
Note that the tachometer is connected via the cigarette lighter will show the values of the engine speed with some error. This is due to the loss of current. To minimize it, you can solder the wires to the cigarette lighter directly. Thus you kill two birds with one stone - the socket will remain free, and the error will be reduced to a minimum. To do this, carefully remove the metal housing by lifting it with the edge of the flat screwdriver.
Bare wires. Solder the leads of the tach to the wires of the cigarette lighter socket, observing the coincidence of colors. Install the housing on the dash and attach it with screws. Mask the wire. You can thread it under the torpedo.
Buy tachometer for direct connection. Now on the shelves of automotive stores you can find wide range of different models of tachometers. You can select a suitable design and color of the backlight. You can also buy a tach with a special light that illuminates when reaching the engine to a certain rpm level.
Take the cover off the steering column. Under it you will find a bundle of wires, strapped with a plastic strap. Cut the clamp and locate the wires to connect the tach. This can be done by studying the user manual of the car. also visit the forum of fans of cars "Oka". There you can find detailed instruction with illustrations. Solder the red lead to the positive ignition output of the ignition coil need to solder the green, on instrument backlighting white, to ground, solder the black or brown. The installation is completed.