You will need
  • - new remote tachometer;
  • - screwdriver;
  • knife;
  • - wires;
  • - soldering iron;
  • - wrenches.
Visit your nearest store of auto parts. There you can find large range of portable tachometers. Pick the device that best suits the interior of your car. Also pay attention to the presence of red light, which illuminates at the moment when the engine revs reach the limit.
Read attentively the user manual that accompanies the tach. If you bought the simplest model, it can be connected by a plug that is inserted into the cigarette lighter. A tachometer measures the difference in voltage and transfers it to the engine speed. You can solder wires tachometer wires directly to the cigarette lighter to achieve the smallest error at work.
Remove the connector from the cigarette lighter socket, pre-de-energized on-Board power supply system. To do this, remove the negative terminal from the battery. Make small cuts on the wires and remove the insulation part.
Solder the red wire to the red and blue to black. Instead of black or blue can be brown. All connections, carefully tape and place so that they do not touch each other.
If you want to achieve the greatest accuracy, perform a full installation of the tachometer. Click on the dashboard the place where you can secure the body of the instrument. Carefully drill a hole for the wires. The torpedo is best to remove.
Insert the harness is made through the torpedo hole. It is best to enclose a rubber gasket. It can be done from insulation, heavy gauge wire. The gasket will prevent chafing of wires.
Deal with the transaction. The red wire of the tachometer should be connected to positive plugs, and the green to the output of the ignition coil and the white to the size or the illumination devices, black - to ground. It should be noted that the above Pinout wiring approximate. It can vary depending on the model the tachometer.
Install the torpedo into place. Zadekorirovat mounted tachometer to your liking. Check his works.