Buy the tee, which will join directly the sensor. Now think, where you can put the device itself. He should fit well into the dashboard and to be in sight. A suitable time clock or voltmeter.
Compare the diameters of the instrument and the site of the proposed installation. The diameter of the clock is more than necessary, so watch disassemble: remove the trim and file the edges. Take the o-ring and insert the device into place.
How to connect sensor <b>pressure</b> <em>oil</em>
Open the hood and using a wrench Unscrew the sensor the control lamp of pressure of oil. It is easy to find: it is joined by black and gray wire. Install in its place the tee, do not forget to put the copper sealing ring. Now directly to the tee, connect the sensor pressure and sensor warning lamp.
Start the engine, bring it up to 4000 rpm. If everything is sealed and there are no deviations, then connect the gray wire that goes from the sensor to control the lamp on your new sensor. It connect the black and gray wire with terminals "mother".
Route this wire to the salon, using any suitable hole. Insert the terminal into the block so that opposite her was the gray wire of the device. Open the fuse box, find a switched circuit and route the orange wire to the device. The terminal, set the pad against the orange wires. Take the white wire from the power side lights.
White with black wire attach to ground by installing the terminal and head to the block. Put all the parts back on and start the engine. If everything works, then carefully pull all the wires to the hole where you will attach the device, remove all surplus preload wire clamps and install the device itself.
How to connect sensor <b>pressure</b> <em>oil</em>