First and foremost, the capacity of the battery decreases from misuse. Observe the following rules. The phone is in sleep mode, you need to keep warm, because the battery is frost. In the winter, wear it in the inner pocket of his jacket and try not to keep long in the cold. Also avoid excessive heat, for example, leaving the phone in the sun. Optimum operating temperature from 0 to 35 degrees. About 2 times a month discharge the battery to zero and then charge to the maximum level. Do not keep the phone charging for too long – it often leads to a decrease in battery capacity.
If the battery starts to drain too quickly, try to do the following. It does not charge from the computer and from the stationary socket. It depends on the level of amperage, and many users notice that any device from a wall outlet to charge better.
Several times in a short time completely discharge the battery and charge it again. This will allow for some time to restore the original capacity, but quickly returns to its previous position.
To phone longer worked in offline mode, turn off all unnecessary consumers of energy: reduce the backlight brightness in the settings menu, and its duration, remove the extra gaming applications that you rarely use, disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If you have a new phone that has the ability to go into airplane mode, start it when entering the area with a weak connection. Search online very quickly drains the battery. These actions will save the battery and prolong the existence of the phone without charging for almost a day.
If the battery is really bad holds a charge, so its just time to change. Modern technologies do not allow at home to significantly increase capacity. There are a number of folk methods, for example, put the battery overnight in the freezer, but their effectiveness no studies have not been confirmed. Buying a new battery will easily solve the problem, and you don't have to change the phone.