You will need
  • - the voltmeter;
  • - ammeter;
  • - the temperature sensor;
  • - thermal paste.
Raise the voltage for the resuscitation of the phone battery. Connect to the battery, a voltmeter and load, using the scheme of parallel connection. Carefully lift the load, make sure that it does not exceed 1V.
Follow voltage and battery temperature. The voltage should not fall below 0.9 V and the temperature should not raise above 50°C. As it reaches this point, switch off the voltage and battery cool to room temperature. Such discharge should help in normalizing the process within the battery. Time it takes not more than 10-15 minutes.
Use the ammeter to monitor battery incoming current. Consistently connect in parallel by connecting the voltmeter, power supply and battery. Install the battery temperature probe for temperature control on the element. Apply thermal grease to get accurate readings.
Set the minimum value on the voltage regulator. Gradually start to raise it, not forgetting to follow the indications of the ammeter. The amperage should not exceed the 1/10 part of the battery capacity. So, for a battery capacity of 1200 mA current must be equal to 120 mA.
Increase the voltage as the voltage drop amperage. To restore the battery voltage to increase enough time in 5 minutes. Every hour, gradually increase the voltage. Once it reaches 1.5 V, stop here and put the battery to charge. Better to do it after it's fully dead battery. These operations, it is desirable to produce at least 2-3 times.
Check recovered mobile phone battery. If the result of the steps above, you do not get the desired results, it is better to purchase new battery.