Advice 1: Why is quickly discharged battery

More than a dozen years, mankind was escorted batteries. They are used in many types of electronics, toys, flashlights, radios, CD players, cameras, clocks, a variety of control panels... But there comes a time when the battery and should be replaced. Some batteries can last a very long time, while others are discharged in just a couple of hours. From what it depends?
Why is quickly discharged battery

First, it depends on the battery its voltage, amperage and capacity. The higher these indicators, the longer the battery will last. Second, the rate of discharge is affected by ambient temperature – at high temperatures the battery life is significantly reduced. Thirdly, much depends on electronics that uses batteries – more complex machines faster use of their potential. And fourth, they tend to self discharge over time. The rate at which batteries discharge by themselves, depends on the same factors as when using it.

If the village unit charger, then it should be replaced. Replacement of batteries is not difficult, because each portable electronics, there are special signs allowing you to replace the battery correctly is the signs "+" and "-". These same symbols on the batteries. To replace batteries, it is required to match the same marks on the unit or the charger. If the contacts are mixed up, then camera work, natural, will not. In addition, it may simply break.

There are batteries of two types – disposable and battery- ing. The first cannot be repeatedly recharged, and so they should be disposed after use. And the battery can be charged every time they sit down. Of course, always use the same batteries will not work because they also have an expiration date. It depends on what battery has a certain number of charge cycles, so over time you still have to replace them with new ones. Rechargeable batteries initially are very long – from several weeks to months. But after some time their charge lasts for a couple of hours. It depends on the same conditions as those of conventional batteries. Replacement of such devices is the same as that of conventional batteries.

Advice 2: Why your phone discharges too fast

The discharging signal cell phone sometimes sounds like a death sentence. A dead battery puts an end to more recently, such large opportunities - at any time to call, listen to music, watch a movie. Especially frustrating when the battery is spent very quickly, and incomprehensible to the user causes a fully charged mobile phone suddenly "goes to zero" for 3-4 hours of not too heavy use.
Why your phone discharges too fast
If rapid discharge of the battery was systemic in nature, it makes sense to pay attention to fairly simple rules for battery care cell phone. Try to fully discharge the battery. To do this, place the phone and let it "die" myself. Then remove the battery from the compartment and re-insert it back after a couple of minutes. While there is a waiting time, inspect the contacts on the body of the battery. Wipe them with a dry, lint-free cloth and do not use any cleaning fluids. Insert the battery into the phone and let it charge for the required eight hours. This procedure can partially restore the battery capacity.However, in the event that the cell phone was in the closet along with the inserted battery will help only the so-called "swaying". Need to submit 5-6 of the battery's terminals. Such a blow would embolden the battery voltage appears, and this means that charging phone batteries can be carried out in the usual way.The rapid discharge of the phone may also be due to the included functions. In recent time, mobile phones become more like computers. Wireless modules and file transfer, GPS , Internet traffic - all these rich capabilities of mobile phones require constant replenishment of energy. Also takes a lot of resources on a big screen, which is so convenient to watch movies and play with toys. Speaking of toys, it should be noted that this is one of the most costly items of the battery. After all, modern games for mobile platforms requires maximum operation of the graphics accelerator and CPU. The combination of constantly operating at maximum display brightness and a large load on the processor and graphic accelerator causes the newly charged battery squeezed like a lemon for 3-4 hours of continuous use. To prevent this from happening, you must monitor the active services of the phone and disable the ones at the moment are no longer needed. It is, first and foremost, modules Wi-Fi ,Bluetooth and GPS navigation, as well as access to the Internet GPRS . Don't forget about the display backlight, which is also very gluttonous. Adjust it manually or in automatic mode. Recommended by many manufacturers of the time interval after which the backlight is desirable to disable for reasons of economy the battery life is 10-15 seconds.

Advice 3: How to disable the alarm

To ensure the safety of property, people resort to the use of such remedies as alarm. If we talk about cars, there are quite a number of devices that are placed and removed from protection with a special keychain. How to disable the alarm in abnormal case?
How to disable the alarm
If you are unable to remove the car from protection with keychain, check whether it is working condition (very often the cause of the fault becomes of the discharged battery). Replace your old and then try to repeat their actions.
The signal that is coming from the remote control directly to the car can be "smothered" by extraneous signals, in this case, get as close as possible to the car and again try to disable the alarm.
If the previous two steps did not yield positive results, then determine the type (by name) installed on your car alarm. Depending on this, will be selected in subsequent steps.
Open the car door using the key (in this moment should trigger an alarm and to turn on the Parking lights).
Turn on the car ignition.
Look in the cabin and push-button Valet switch car alarm (usually in the standard version, this button is located near the driver's footwell, directly under the steering wheel, the back side of the steering column near the Parking brake or under the driver seat).
After ten seconds press the off button alarm Valet, it will give the option to disable the alarm and start the car.
Use a personal code, if any. Open the car using the key. Enable, disable and re-enable the ignition. Press the Valet button the number of times corresponding to the first digit of Your code. Then shut down, and then again turn on the ignition and press the Valet button the number of times corresponding to the second digit of the code.
Useful advice
In any case keep calm and follow the sequence of the actions listed. If they don't help, you should not deal with Amateurs. Call service to deal with the problem will help qualified professionals.
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