Extend the status of autonomy to the smartphone and increase the interval between charges will help little tricks to use gadget. Here you will learn how to increase battery life on your phone with minimal functionality limitations.

Active compounds and background programs

The online synchronisation, a constant work-in GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi and many programs that operate in the background, greatly reduce the battery life. The constant switching programs takes time, but will not waste battery power for nothing. Also do not forget about apps that help to monitor the background services and disable them in time.

The right choice of display technology

The most economical type of screen are considered as AMOLED displays. They can be found on many smartphones from Samsung. These screens reproduce only the colored pixels. Enough to take the smartphone interface in dark colors and significantly increase the autonomy of the gadget due to the broken black pixels.

To remove automatic updates of widgets

Constantly running widgets expend a lot of energy and require constant Internet access, which significantly shortens the battery life. In order not to remain without news and weather, enough to transfer the update of the widgets to manual mode.

Disable vibration on your smartphone

Save battery life will help disable vibration for notifications from social networks and messenger. Also automatically can be set up vibrate when typing on the virtual keyboard or clicking on system icons.

Appeal to original accessories

If your smartphone has a removable battery, batteries by other manufacturers may significantly reduce the period of operation of the device, regardless of its novelty. Optimization of these batteries may be insufficient and cause damage to the gadget.

The minimum waiting period

Frequent recourse to the smartphone during the day for the most part due to the desire to know the time or check for updates. After that, the display can long enough to stay in an active state before moving to standby. To increase the time of Autonomous work of the device is sufficient to set the parameter to 10 seconds to exit the active state. This setting will help extend battery energy of the smartphone.

Use the energy-saving mode

Even if the smartphone will not have the the power saving feature, just select airplane mode, if you some time is not going to appeal to the gadget.

Discard gesture control

Now smartphones are encouraging users convenient features that simplify the use of the gadget. However, it should be determined whether a double tap or control the device with gestures so necessary. You might save a few seconds, but will significantly reduce the period of operation of your smartphone.

Discard automatic screen brightness

The smartphone sensors are not always able to correctly adjust the display brightness based on the environment. Therefore, it is often sliders out to the maximum mode when it is not needed.

Don't forget to update

Developers regularly work with the optimization system, and each new version of software may increase the performance of the smartphone and life of its battery.