Leave the battery type Ni-Mh mobile phone to fully discharge. In other words, until the moment when the device is no longer able to be included. In order to quickly drain the battery, run power-hungry applications. For example, play games, run music or videos, turn on to the maximum volume. Also you can just turn on and off the phone so as to identify the network device uses a large number of energy that will allow a complete discharge.
Put the mobile phone on charging, after the battery is fully discharged. Do not disconnect the device from the power source until the maximum possible battery life. This will allow the battery to recover its maximum possible capacity. To improve the result, repeat the procedure several times.
Suck the phone battery every 50 charges. Be careful when use the battery. Do not knock and do not squeeze it as this may damage the batteries and bring the device down. Remember this, severe damage can lead to unpredictable explosions or other problems.
So the time to contact the service to replace the battery of the phone. If you are a long time do not plan to use the phone, you must turn the device off, pull battery and SIM card. Store these parts separately in order to preserve the battery performance.
Perform a complete charging lithium-ion battery with a duration of 8-12 hours every 2-3 months for the phone. It is not recommended to perform a full discharge, which turns off the phone, as it can reduce further consumption of battery.