First you need to go to settings "Wireless & networks". Initially view whether systems such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPRS. These networks are a total of consume large amount of battery power. And if You are not going to transmit or receive any data via Bluetooth, then disable it. If the access point Wi-Fi too in the near future will not be, and this system disconnect. But if You are in a place where it does not catch 3G, turn off in settings and mobile network.
quickly sits down the battery
Location or GPS also consume a huge amount of charge, so their inclusion should be done only when necessary. Disable GPS in the settings window in the tab "location Services".
quickly sits down the battery
Now we have to deal with the amount of energy consumed by the display. Because it also depends on dolgoletie battery. In the display settings we need to change the screen brightness to a value 30-40%. If non-solar weather and sight are good, then you can reduce the brightness to an even lower value. In the display settings it is also necessary to reduce the working time of the screen. The optimum value is not more than 30 seconds. And then the phone should go into sleep mode.
quickly sits down the battery
The installed applications consume a lot of energy. And not everyone knows that when you try to close some deals, they just fold into the background and continue to consume charge. To close the app completely in settings "applications" or "application Manager". They need to open programs that are running in each existing application click on the icon "stop". This process is quite long, and the program can be disabled and other, more quick way.
quickly sits down the battery
In Google Play you can download a totally free app Battery Doctor. After installation it will be possible in one click "Optimize" to close all background-running apps. The program also allows you to adjust the screen brightness, disable and enable wireless networking, the ringer volume and the vibration of the phone. An additional advantage is that thanks to the app Battery Doctor can see the battery level in percent as well and the approximate amount of battery life.
Battery Doctor