You will need
  • Cut tulle or organza
  • Tripod mount for canopy or curtain
  • Lace them or lace fabric
Pick up the basic material for sewing the canopy. Above the crib hang the canopy of sheer fabric such as tulle or organza. Beautifully decorated, textured fabric will allow you to save time and materials for the decoration of children's canopy.
Calculate the correct size of the basic material. This will depend on the method of attachment of the canopy over the crib.

Canopy attached on the headboard, playing only the role of "roof" and for beauty. For such a canopy is usually enough of a piece of cloth of length 2, 5 meters wide and 1.5 meters.

• Tripod canopy stands in the middle of the bed, and the canopy closes it completely. The number of required material in this case will depend on the length and height of the crib.

• Can be installed on the wall over my bed baby) curtain for curtains, the length of which is equal to the length of the bed. Curtains will retreat from the wall by 10-15 cm. Dimensions mounted on her curtains choose from the given bed length and arrangement of curtains.
Make pattern two piece baby canopy and is rounded at the top. Sew the canopy in the following sequence:

• Connect the rear and top.

• Double-tuck top and hem to form a drawstring for fastening the canopy to the tripod.

• Express beauty drawstring on the beautiful "crown" with a height of about 5-10 cm.

• Treat the seams of the canopy and take care of decorative elements.
Decorate the edges of the canopy lace braid. You can make a frill of the same fabric that was used for sewing the bumpers and baby bedding set. This can be done if all of you made his hands. If the canopy over bunk bed you have chosen the curtain on the curtain, treat the stitches and also sew around the perimeter of beautiful ruffles. Such a curtain can drape to your taste.