You will need
  • - flannel;
  • - Atlas;
  • - lace tape;
  • - braid;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - thread.
To start, take items from satin and flannel, which in the figure are denoted by the letters A and B. the Satin part you should do 1 cm longer than the other. The upper, outer corner this will zakruglenie.
How to sew a set for the statement
Go to primitivnoy lace. Make a crease with a size of 5 mm every 5 cm of lace trim. Fold it with satin detail, right sides together and baste, departing 1.5 cm from the edge.
Now lay a satin ribbon. Cut it into 4 pieces and pin between lace and satin. The first part of the clip, departing 8 cm from the bottom, and the second 20 cm up symmetrically on both parts. Tape edge must be directed inward. Proutyuzhte seam with a warm iron.
Pry the lower edge of the part of the Atlas is 1.5 cm and pristrochite to it the hem of the flannel. Seam iron. Then fold the flannel part so that she and the satin part was, right sides to each other, and between them shone the ribbon and the lace. Pristrochite on a seam, which was primitivos lace, remove the item and Tutuila.
Take a large piece of satin. The segment K11-K10-K1 should be decorated with lace, making folds, like the previous part. Pristrochite on the edge of K11-СиК12-D parts A and B, superimposing them on a lace ribbon. To the points C and D sew the braid, each of the segments which will be the length of 15 cm and proutyuzhte seam.
Make pattern satin part C1-K10-D1, and the flannel square, as shown. The length of a side of the square would be 35 cm Sweeps these details and Tutuila seam.
Make some flannel detail size 55х35 cm, measuring the width of common thread, and on the edge of the fabric. Pristrochite this item narrow side to the bottom of a large satin parts and Tutuila seam. Fold the edge of the part, located above the seam for 10 cm to the top and in the corners of the fold cut 2 sew ribbons of 15 cm each. Then sew the angled edge on the sides to the part.
Small satin-flannel part of the envelope attach the overlap to large parts with attached parts A and B and prostrochite on line primitivne lace ribbon. You have to form a pocket. Treat the seams using the serger, remove the envelope through the pocket and Tutuila. Then in the same way through the pocket insert Mat.