You will need
  • Pre-selected fabric (great choice of organza or velvet curtain fabric); the various decorations to the canopy if required (for girls, you can take the ruffles or lace); the frame, which can either be ordered in the factory, or make handmade; sewing supplies fabric treatment.
Take a piece of fabric. Fabric width should be 1.5 meters. Her need to hem the edges, and if you want to decorate. Fabric must be attached to the frame.
How to make a canopy for a crib
But before fixing of fabric to make a frame. It will be more difficult. For the frame you want to bend the metal rod with the letter "P" or a semicircle (here you may need a strong male hand) and attach the rings. Then attach a bar over the bed baby. With rings connect the fabric to the frame. The basis of the canopy ready.
How to make a canopy for a crib
Make the finishing touches, decorate the crib of your baby according to your taste. Use for decoration different ribbon, butterfly fabric and all the things that your child will enjoy.
How to make a canopy for a crib