How to save valuable space

To make room for baby things and avoid cluttering a room, you can refuse purchase of certain items of newborn care. No need to purchase for newborn bulky dresser with changing table: for this purpose you can use common table, a sofa or a folding changing Board, which is attached to the wall using brackets. The latter option is preferable because we can use the Board for Ironing the cradle and be secured to the wall folded when it is not needed. For storing children's things it is possible to release one or two shelves in a closet and hang a few wall shelves.

It is not necessary to withdraw from the purchase of cots, considering that at first it can replace the stroller or carrying case – a comfortable sleep for the baby is most important. In addition, the acquisition of cots – only a matter of time, without it will be impossible to do in the future. To save some space for storage and toys will help a baby cot with a drawer, which is usually fastened at the bottom. If possible, it is better to buy separate winter and summer strollers (if needed), which are more compact, can be stored folded in the attic, the balcony or in the garage.

What can be removed from the room

Preparing for baby's arrival, you should try to think in advance the arrangement of furniture and children's recreation areas. Normal cabinets it is advisable to replace the built-in that save space. A double bed is better to choose pull-out sofa or built-in folding bed. You might want to purchase chair beds for relaxing by day and extra sleeping space. It is better to abandon conventional TV, replacing it with a modern flat LCD or plasma panel, which is mounted on the wall. If a significant part of the room had been occupied by the office equipment is to get her out of the room so as not to harm the health of the baby.

How to organize a children's recreation area

So the kid and parents were comfortable in one room, necessary to provide for the children's area where child can play and sleep during the day. This should be done to ensure that parents were quiet for the baby when you need to do things around the house. You can buy or make your own low sustainable arena with warm flooring and built-in toy boxes, equipped with partitions for the safety of the child – the baby will be safe and you'll be able to develop, moving around the arena along the rails, crawling and reaching for toys.

This area should be arranged near the window that the kid was fairly light and comfortable. The battery needs to hide the screen to avoid accidental burns, and the window is desirable blackout curtains – so your toddler can sleep in here during the day. To save space, partitions can be sliding and use this area only when necessary.

It will take some time so parents get used to the new way of life, but the joy of the birth of the baby will certainly help to cope with temporary difficulties.