You will need
  • Computer, electronic directory telephones.
Immediately, we emphasize that if you do not have an electronic version of the city telephone directory, find address of person by phone number for his home phone will be practically impossible. If this program is installed on your computer, a few seconds after you turn it on you will have the information you need. In the absence of electronic versions of the directory, you can download the necessary program on the Internet.
Finding the right network for you app e-guide, you can download it to your computer. Once the program is downloaded, take your time to unpack. First check document for the presence of malicious software. You can do this by using antivirus. The downloaded file, right click mouse, then choose its context menu the ability to check a document for viruses (the option "scan for viruses").
Making sure that the downloaded installer does not pose any danger to your computer, install the telephone directory, by running the program's shortcut. The application will be installed and open automatically. By default you will see here the names of the inhabitants of the city, arranged in alphabetical order.
To know the phone number address, set the program sort the list by phone numbers. You can also specify the address as follows. Open the search options and enter the phone number into the appropriate form. Click "Find". The result will not keep itself waiting. If the person will not appear in the database, try to download another version of the directory.