You will need
    • Fish
    • salt
    • water
    • smokehouse
    • sawdust
    • raw juniper branches.
Gut the fish, i.e., remove all the insides. It is also recommended to remove the gills. Get full bleeding, otherwise on the carcass of smoked fish can be blood stains. The scales can not be removed.
Salt the fish. To do this, first make an 8% salt solution: 100 ml of water, take 8 grams of salt. The volume of solution depends on the number of fish. Put the fish in this solution. It should be fully covered by the solution, and it should not be too many in one tank, otherwise the fish will sasalita not completely. So leave it at room temperature for about 12 hours.
Salted fish otmachivat in fresh water for 1-2 days at a temperature of 12 degrees. To maintain this temperature by using ice. When soaking of fish removes all the excess salt that may be present, for example, in the upper layers of the carcass. Salt the fish evenly.
Hang the fish on metal hooks or rope and dry with warm air for about a day. She has slightly podelitsya.
Then proceed directly to the cold Smoking. There are special smoke house, but if necessary, you can do it yourself in an old barn with a height of 1.5 – 2 meters. Fish should be hung as high as possible. Before Smoking in a bucket build a fire from wood sawdust of alder or aspen. The pine wood is not recommended, because for her smoked fish will have a bitter taste. When the bucket goes out the flame and would go out to smoke, put it under the fish. At the initial stage of Smoking you need to follow a constant supply of smoke to the fish. Not to the flames, it can turn Smoking from cold to hot. In the end you may add raw juniper branches, their smoke has antimicrobial properties, thanks to which the fish moldy, and the longer kept.
Let the fish after Smoking hang for about 2 days without a smoke, it's a bit Padalitsa and become even tastier.